The Imperial Family
of Korea

let the land be ENLIGHTENED!

The Imperial Family of Korea is the ruling family of the Joseon and Korean Empire that was founded by King Seong-gye Lee in July of 1392.

The mission of the Imperial Family is to represent the Great Korean People as a symbol of love, human rights, peace, freedom and solidarity.

The Crown and the Imperial Family, additionally, recognize excellence among the people.

Most importantly, the Imperial Family’s goal is to bring power to the people.

The Imperial Family, today, engages in governance but does not stake claim to the the Korean Peninsula, as well as symbolic, cultural and historical activities. Additionally, the Imperial Family continues to enlighten the land and bring power to the people through multiple campaigns and programs as it has since its inception.

Globally, the family stands as a symbol of solidarity and leadership for the Great Korean People.

The Imperial Family recognizes the Republic of Korea to maintain its own independent and autonomous government. As such, the Provisional Charter of Korea which serves as the base of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, continues to show preference and recognition to the Imperial Family.


HIH King Andrew Lee
HIH Queen Nana Lee
HIH Former Great King Seok Lee
HIH Former Queen Kyung Sook Lee


Duke Akino Childrey
Duke Alex Lee
Duke Chih-Cheng Frank Yu
Duke Hoon An
Duchess Dongchoon Lee
Duke Dooney Battle
Duke Jae Min Joo
Duke James Ryu
Duke Jay Lee
Duchess Laura Jeon
Duke Michael Honda
Duke Michael Yamaki
Duke Mike Holtzman
Duke Ted Kim
Duke Won Joon Lee
Duke Young Park
Duke Seho Ko


Sir Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraAchievements in the Martial Arts
Sir Bernard MoonAchievements in the Economy
Sir Brian GefterAchievements in Lifestyle
Sir Brian KeaneAchievements in Clean Energy
Sir Brian LeeAchievements in Investments
Sir Bun BAchievements in the Arts
Sir Caleb ChenAchievements in Cryptocurrency
Sir Chan Ho ParkAchievements in the Athletics
Sir Chi-Yen YinAchievements in Research
Sir Chih-Wei Jerry WuAchievements in Research
Sir Chol-Hwan KangAchievements in Liberty
Sir Dan HoltzmanAchievements in Education
Sir Daniel HanAchievements in the Arts
Sir Daniel KimAchievements in the Imperial Family
Sir Danny KimAchievements in the Economy
Sir Daniel SagiAchievements in the Economy
Sir Danny ImAchievements in the Arts
Sir David LyAchievements in the Economy
Sir David SaltzmanAchievements in International Law
Sir Derrick LeonAchievements in NGO
Sir Ed SoaresAchievements in the Martial Arts
Sir Edson WilliamsAchievements in the Arts
Sir Gaston Andron BrowneAchievements in World Peace
Dame Gyung hee LeeAchievements in the Athletics
Sir Ho RyuAchievements in Liberty
Dame Ilhee LeeAchievements in the Athletics
Sir Inho KimAchievements in Liberty
Sir Jae Hyun JeonAchievements in Education
Sir James HerAchievements in the Fine Arts
Sir Jason Y. LeeAchievements in the Arts
Sir Jitaek LimAchievements in Entrepreneurship
Sir Joe BuddenAchievements in Discourse
Sir John ChoAchievements in the Arts
Sir John J. Oneill Jr.Achievements in Liberty
Sir John Stephen LongAchievements in the Theologies
Sir Jonathan RoudierAchievements in Privacy
Sir Jorge GuimaraesAchievements in the Martial Arts
Sir Jun Ho ParkAchievements in Liberty
Sir Justin LeeAchievements in Culture
Sir Justin SayfieAchievements in World Peace
Dame Kelly HuAchievements in the Arts
Sir Kevin CaseyAchievements in the Martial Arts
Sir Kristian AndresenAchievements in Education
Sir Kuo-Wei HsuAchievements in Research
Sir Kwamena AffulAchievements in the Economy
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Sir Nam Pyo LeeAchievements in the Imperial Family
Sir Oded DanielAchievements in Technology
Sir Paul SongAchievements in the Medicines
Sir Philip R. GahnAchievements in Liberty
Sir Randall ParkAchievements in the Arts
Sir Robert AhnAchievements in Culture
Sir Roger MasonAchievements in the Athletics
Sir Roger VerAchievements in Cryptocurrency
Sir Ryan "Royce 5'9"" MontgomeryAchievements in the Arts
Sir Sagee SchnaittacherAchievements in Technology
Sir Sayo FolawiyoAchievements in the Economy
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Sir Yu-Kai ChouAchievements in Gamification
Sir Z-RoAchievements in the Arts