The Imperial Family
of Korea

let the land be ENLIGHTENED!

The Imperial Family of Korea is the ruling family of the Joseon and Korean Empire that was founded by King Seong-gye Lee in July of 1392.

The mission of the Imperial Family is to represent the Great Korean People as a symbol of love, human rights, peace, freedom and solidarity.

The Crown and the Imperial Family, additionally, recognize excellence among the people.

Most importantly, the Imperial Family’s goal is to bring power to the people.

The Imperial Family, today, engages in governance but does not stake claim to the the Korean Peninsula, as well as symbolic, cultural and historical activities. Additionally, the Imperial Family continues to enlighten the land and bring power to the people through multiple campaigns and programs as it has since its inception.

Globally, the family stands as a symbol of solidarity and leadership for the Great Korean People.

The Imperial Family recognizes the Republic of Korea to maintain its own independent and autonomous government. As such, the Provisional Charter of Korea which serves as the base of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, continues to show preference and recognition to the Imperial Family.


HIH Emperor Seok Lee
HIH Empress Kyung Sook Lee
HIH Crown Prince Andrew Lee
HIH Crown Princess Nana Lee


Prince Jay Lee
Prince Alex Lee
Prince Jae Min Joo
Prince Won Joon Lee
Prince Ted Kim
Prince James Ryu
Prince Young Park, Esq.
Prince Andrew H. Lee

Baron & Knights

Sir Caleb Chen
Sir Jorge Oliveira
Sir Daniel Kim
Sir Daniel Han
Sir James Her